Welcome to Just Another Play

I’m just jumping in without a real idea of what the destination will be.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and as a kid I wanted to be a writer. I have always been intimidated by starting with a blank slate. Throughout school and even work, I will procrastinate until the last moment to start writing. Once I get started though, I thoroughly enjoy the process of writing.

My outlet for writing in college and early post-college life was with a personal blog that is now defunct. It was the typical personal blog where I would complain about how tough life was being a student and living with limited responsibilities. I think my parents were the only ones who ever read it so it wasn’t a big loss to the population of Earth when is faded into the darkness.  It faded away as a wedding was planned, children were born, and a master’s degree was earned.

But now the urge to write has reared its head again.

Just Another Play was born through my interest (or obsession, if you ask my wife) in the board gaming hobby. I bought the domain a year or two ago with the intention of starting a blog that focused on all the games I was playing. Yet again, overwhelmed by the blank slate, the pages stayed blank until today.

This change is as a result of Chevee Dodd. I’ve amassed quite a collection of board game related content that I follow on YouTube and Twitter. Chevee is one of those individuals I follow, but his Youtube channel, The Daily Shed, does not focus on board gaming. Chevee makes daily videos documenting what is going on in his life. He just happens to work for Portal Games and works conventions for them. Board gaming rarely is the focus of his videos.  As some point, I recall him mentioning that if you want to do something, just start. Don’t put it off or wait for the stars align. Just start doing it and see where it takes you.

That’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Just Another Play will achieve the following:

  1. Document my 2018 10×10 Challenge. Like many over at BoardGameGeek, I’ve taken a look at my collection and see games that I love but they don’t hit the table often. I’ve created a list of 10 games I want to play a minimum of 10 times throughout 2018.
  2. Provide initial thoughts on “new to me” games. My game group tends to be on the “cult of the new” side of the spectrum so we play many games one time only. I’ll provide my first thoughts on these games.
  3. General commentary on  gaming related topics (i.e. gaming group dynamics, industry observations, gaming habits, other topics as identified)
  4. Give me a website to tinker with. I’ve always enjoyed learning how to do new stuff so this website is one of them. I already have a project that is close to finishing but I’ll post more about that when it’s published

Welcome to the bumpy ride of Just Another Play!